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Puts me in a mind, of once upon a time A hall above the beach when I was young, it was Too many years, too far behind Old piano, saxophone and drum. When I look back now I see a young man riding on A one way rail going down Only holding on Riding his addiction into Each new lonely town. I say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Pretty little thing when you need a ride Pretty little thing I got the wheels outside. Take away temptation now From before my eyes Take away temptation now From before my eyes. Our old flame Our old flame When you look at me, will you see The man that I became Or will you see the boy I was See me by the light of our old flame Our old flame. What we once were sharing all the hopes and dreams and caring Are cast aside and left to bleed.

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I look at all the years The chances I had I look at all the ways I always seemed to find For turning good into bad. Teenage dreams Satin tresses Lie deserted all along the strand And the ferryman has poled his way off home Angels screamed In those evenings When I promised you my dying days And my heart hatched its treasons to run. So I worked across the country end to end Tried to find a place to settle down, where my mixed up life could mend Held a job on an oil-rig Flying choppers when I could But the nightlife nearly drove me round the bend. A winter cold, eighteen, forty-three. You, on the other hand, just may be A whole new and fascinating possibility How far, and how wired Could we get on down the line Once fired On that trajectory.

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Louis Dialing old phone-numbers down the line And I measure my position To the obstacles we crossed The territory covered And the parties that we lost Those were the days. Bus station Lotta time to kill Lotta miles Lotta pills Lotta time to kill. Everybody wants their name on the guest list Everybody wants to get in free Everybody wants complete fidelity From two or three lovers simultaneously. And as the peak-hour traffic jams below Someone gets the story, somebody spread the rumour People come and go. Well Daskarzine, she was pretty bland As she stretched out in the corner of the room She was Oh!

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Fuck No testo canzone cantato da 99 Neighbors: I seen you smoking cigarettes again, well me too You poppin' pills like it be.

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